We read the technical stuff on world book day so you can stick to the best sellers!

Yes, we know this would be the ideal book to put many of you to sleep but to us, it was a critical text in being able to provide our clients with high level advice.

Keep in mind to qualify with ACCA a student will easily read 20-30 of these 622 page text books (as well a myriad of other publications). So rather than trying to work things out for yourself why not get in touch to see how we can help you.

To keep on track with this text and its contents, we are able to help with the following advanced financial management topics;

  • Business valuations
  • Strategic aspects of acquisitions
  • Capital Structure and Gearing
  • Dividend Policy
  • International investment and financing decisions
  • Option pricing
  • Risk management
  • Hedging foreign exchange and interest rate risk

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Andrew Dunn

Valley Accountancy