Our History

Our founder and senior accountant Andrew Dunn had the idea for Valley Accountancy whilst working directly for multi millionaire entrepreneurs. As the Finance Director of their companies, it meant exposure to all of the usual complexities of working in practice, but with hands-on management and decision making from working in industry. It is this kind of experience and understanding that is hard to find within accountancy practices.

After helping multi millionaires increase their wealth, Andrew realised there was a huge gap in practice offerings. It was time to create a practice that can help businesses that either can’t afford full-time, in-house expertise, or only need specific assistance, but with all of the credibility and technical capabilities found at an accountancy practice.

Intentionally Different

As your accountants and trusted business partners/advisors, we don’t limit ourselves to just knowing the ins and outs of accountancy and tax. We have hands on experience of running businesses in various sectors and at various sizes.

There is the old adage that there is no substitute for experience and that is certainly the case when it comes to running a business! So whether you need advice on how to avoid “growing pains”, marketing ideas or just how best to deal with non-payers, we can help you every step of the way.

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What Makes Valley Accountants Different?

Many accountants start their career in an accountancy practice and progress, learning their trade before making the switch to industry. Others go straight into industry. There are many reasons accountants do this, but one that can not be ignored is money. A recent survey by AccountancyAge showed this was on average 24% higher in industry than practice. Another is the desire to finally take the steering wheel, rather than just advising a client. As a result, what often occurs in industry, is accountants who have always been there, as well as practice accountants who have technical knowledge from practice and are value-adding industry relevant skills.

Meanwhile, in practice, where lies the skills crossover to give clients (you) both the technical knowledge as well as the real hands on experience of running a business? The answer is us! We are right here. The role of the accountant is shifting to direction, leadership and decision making. In addition to the traditional accounting responsibilities! Companies with their own Finance Directors, should feel the power move as the ‘money man’ isn’t just about numbers and steps up alongside the CEO’s and MD’s. Our job is to help shape and pave the way for your company, so it feels like you have a Finance Director by your side!

Why Having a Financial Director Matters.

Companies without a Financial Director do not often possess the financial leadership skills required to push to maximum potential. This means, looking to your accountancy practice for advice. All too often, this advice is ignored. Business owners struggle to trust the advice of an accountant who has never made business decisions. This is where Valley Accountants come in! We have experience at the top, running businesses. We have felt the same pain points you have, and have had those same sleepless nights working out solutions.

Our Certification